Senate Encampment 2012

In case you missed it or you were just wondering… Here’s an update on what we did at Encampment this year.

– We got an update from Dr. Sallee on the general state of Jewell and how things are changing at Jewell. Our athletes are now eligible for post-season play. We have added around 15 new teaching positions at Jewell to various departments. Welcome all our new professors when you see them.

– Mr. Clark Morris gave us an update on how branding/marketing is changing. These changes include using only red, black, white, and gray for Jewell related apparel and running your apparel designs by administration for a quick check before you get things printed. This is simply to ensure Jewell is being branded in ways that support the identity of Jewell. A branding manual will be printed soon so that the general student body might know rationale and guidelines. Look for a link to it on this website.

– We got updates from Mr. Steve Anderson and Mr. Ernie Stufflebean. The Student Affairs office is now going to be known as the Student Life office. Semple got a huge facelift over the summer including new floors, all LED lighting, and new paint – if you haven’t seen it, check it out! Our disk golf course is complete. Grab some friends and get out to play! The Pryor Learning Commons (the current crater where Greene Hall used be) is scheduled to be finished in August 2012.

– Mrs. Shelly King, Dr. Anne Dema, and Ms. Sara Bailey gave us an update from the Student Life office. Dr. Dema will step into the position left by Dr. Rick Winslow as VP of Student Affairs. Student Life is working diligently to re-examine our current student life practices and they are using student focus groups to facilitate positive changes over this year. If you are the head of a student organization, you must fill out a student org annual leadership update form (found in Student Life office) if you wish to be recognized and have the ability to host events over the year. All advertising on campus, regardless of where it is and what it is for, must be approved by Student Life before it can go up. If you wish to fundraise or ask for item donations off campus you must first contact Steve Kilmer. If you wish to advertise off campus you must first contact Cara Dahlor.

– Dr. Andy Pratt gave us an update on sustainability. You’ll notice a green recycle bin in your residence hall room and around campus. We are now a part of Liberty’s recycle program, which means you don’t have to sort your recycling anymore. Put it all in the same bucket – simple as that. We’re working together as a campus to leave less of a footprint – more updates on this throughout the year as they come along.

– If you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Please don’t wait to drop us a line. We’d love to hear your feedback.