Meeting: 21 August 2012

We had our opening Student Senate meeting tonight.

In our meeting, this is what we did:

– Gave housekeeping updates to senators.

– Relayed to senators to tell students of the current open Junior seat. If you are a junior and you are interested in running for Senate, please send us an email or come to next week’s Senate meeting. Be prepared to introduce yourself and speak to the Senate about why you would make a good senator.

– Introduced the NY Times program for the year. We have had a partnership with the Times in the past through Senate. This year, we would receive 30 print copies per week day and 30 electronic passes (so that you can read on your electronic devices, available to anyone, expires at midnight) per week day. We’ll vote on this next week.

– We established Senate committees for the year. The committees are: Student Life (chair: Maigan Bridgette), Communications (chair: Christopher Reimer), Sustainability (chair: Adam Al Douri), Kansas City & Liberty Community (chair: Channing Wall), Spirit (chair: Travis Lane), and housing (chair: Ayna Palvanova)

As a reminder, our meetings are open to any and all students, faculty, and administrators. The meetings are at 5:30 pm in College Union 221. We would love to see you there!