Meeting: 28 August 2012

A brief summary of our meeting tonight:

– The Charter of Rights & Responsibilities is now public. You can see it on our website under the documents tab. This document clearly describes the rights afforded to students just because they are students. It also outlines the responsibilities they must uphold also because they are students. This is the product of a lot of man hours put in by so many people but the person who needs her due recognition is Miss Tori Odell (President 11-12). Thanks to all of you who worked so hard to make it happen. Of course we wouldn’t even have had the conversation to begin with if William Jewell administration wasn’t willing to work with us – a big thank you to them as well.

– Campus Shuttle Update: The shuttle program will resume on 4 September. It will pick up in front of KA at 7:00 am, at the sorority complex at 7:07 am, KA again at 8:40 am, and the sorority complex again at 8:47 am. It will make a return trip at 3 pm leaving from Brown Hall.

– Parking Update: we understand frustrations with parking. After speaking with facilities it doesn’t seem like it can get much better in the short term. Remember – you can park in visitor/faculty parking by Gano, the Union, White Science, and Brown after 5 pm until 5 am. Be sure you have your parking sticker on your car so you won’t get a ticket. Everyone is charged $100 at the beginning of the semester for parking – if you don’t have a car on campus make sure you go to the campus safety office to appeal the charge.

We elected a junior class representative, Tyler Stevens, during our meeting. Congrats to him!

The spirit committee is planning to create a group of students called “The Flock”, which would be a group of students who attend numerous sporting events to cheer on our Cardinals. More on this in the future.