Meeting: 18 September 2012

Here’s what we did in our last meeting…

We learned that the proposal we submitted to change the first-year residence hall visitation policy was accepted. There will no longer be visitation restrictions during the spring semester only. Each year the policy will be in place for the fall but removed in the spring.

Senate will no longer be accepting grievances for parking violations. If you feel as if you have been wrongly ticketed or you have a criticism of Campus Safety, please contact Brian Clemons (

We received a funds request from the Village Partners group requesting $1,000 to provide a stipend for an intern working in Embarcadero in collaboration with Jewell. We’ll vote on this next week.

We nominated individuals for positions on the William Jewell Honor Council. This council is made up of students, faculty, and staff who see cases when individuals violate honor code policy. These names will go to Student Life and then to Dr. Sallee for selection.

Student Life Committee: there will be a safety walk on October 3 at 7:30 pm to check campus for unsafe areas. For example: we’ll be looking for burnt out street lights, unsafe walking areas, places where landscaping needs to be cut back. Anyone is welcome to join this walk.

Sustainability: working on getting a student plot in the Jewell community garden. Also working on composting options for the fraternity houses.

Kansas City & Liberty: working on getting discounts for students at local businesses. Look for posters around campus describing these discounts.

Spirit: working on getting a tailgating party set up for the home football game after homecoming. Look for posters!

Housing: working on getting insect and water leakage problems taken care of in dorms.