Meeting: 25 September 2012

This is what we did at this week’s meeting…

We got an update on the shuttle program on campus. If the shuttle isn’t used more, it won’t be functioning any longer.

The NY Times are now in the union every weekday! We are going to be getting electronic subscriptions, including the elections 2012 app, soon!

We would like to welcome Stephanie Mullen as our newest sophomore senator!

Student Life: reminder there will be a campus safety walk on 3 October at 7:30 pm. We have news on a new parking situation. It has been tentatively planned to create another parking lot behind the union with 40-50 parking spaces. It is thought to be completed over this upcoming summer.

Kansas City & Liberty Community: working on getting more discounts at local restaurants and businesses. We’ll let you know when we have them.

Housing: We are working with facilities to get bug, work order, and mold problems under control. These are natural problems to have, but we just have to work through them. If you are having problems and you are having trouble getting them fixed, email us at