9 October 2012

This is what we did in meeting tonight…

Student Life: the campus safety walk was a success. We walked around with Darrell, the new head of campus safety, and looked for burnt out street lamps, bushes that need to be cut back, etc.

Communications: we’ll have a bi-weekly reporter from the Hilltop in Senate now who will report in the Monitor what we’ve been up to in our meetings.

Sustainability: next week we’ll have hunger day. Look for Powerpoints and signs around campus giving you some facts about hunger around the world.

Kansas City & Liberty: We will soon be able to use cardinal points on the square, be looking for updates soon! There will be a dance club opening soon on the square. We’ll let you know where it is and when it’ll be open.

Spirit: we’re brainstorming some ways to increase spirit at sporting events. We have suggestions for t-shirt throws and bonfires.

Housing: we’re making walks around the dorms to note the places where improvements need to be made, the Phi Gam drain has been fixed, shower heads in Semple are being replaced, the kitchen in the Senior house is going to get a once-over soon, the Alpha Gam ice maker is going to get fixed soon, the emergency lights in the Alpha Gam wing will be fixed soon.