23 October 2012 Meeting

Here’s what we did in our last meeting…

We filled our Senior Senator position with Mr. Forrest McCurren! We’re excited to have him with us!

We have decided to push our frisbee golf tournament to the spring due to the cold weather coming upon us.

We’re playing with the idea of having a senate sponsored trivia night. Students feel that the current trivia night is a success and that adding another one would be beneficial.

Kansas City & Liberty Committee: we are working to revive the title boxing class and create the ability to charge the class to your student account so you don’t have to pay for it out of pocket. We’re pursuing possible ways for Jewell visual arts to be incorporated into the Liberty community. There is a rumor that Jewell student can get 10% off at Longboards – we’ll figure this one out and let you know, but check it out in the mean time.

Student Life Committee: No report this week.

Communications Committee: Look for the banner in the union. We’ll also be advertising for the dance club opening on November 9 on the square.

Sustainability Committee: Hunger day was a success. We’re still working on coffee mugs and drinks in the perch.

Spirit Committee: We’re going to try and team up with CUA on their s’mores night. We’ll try and incorporate the “flock” (student cheering section) into basketball games. We voted in favor of allocating some Senate funds to purchase some foam fingers and other spirit materials that we can hand out at games.

Housing: we have confirmed that we have allocated a vacuum to the Phi Gam house. We’re ironing out the last of the issues that were had in the Alpha Gamma Delta wing of the sorority complex. We’re contacting facilities about doing regular testing of the fire alarms around campus and making sure that they work.