Meeting: 29 January 2013

We have reconvened for the semester!

Here’s what we did in meeting today…

Today was bring a friend day, thanks to all of you non-senators who joined us! It was also Temporary Tattoo Tuesday, this President personally chose to go with the Hello Kitty tattoo. A big thanks to Caty Compton for providing the tattoos.

We have added office hours at set times. These will be Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 – 8 pm in the Perch. You can always set up a meeting with us or catch us on the way to class.

We received a funds request from the Black Student Association to subsidize a lunch they are having for a speaker they are bringing to campus on 17 February 2013. Dr. Marc Lemont Hill will be addressing the college from 6 – 8 pm on that day in Gano Chapel. We’ll vote on the funds request in next week’s meeting.

Senate will be represented at the Scholar Recognition Days coming up this Feb 2, Feb 16, and March 2 as well as at the Center for Justice and Sustainability Summit in mid-February.

Unfortunately one of our senior senators had to resign their position for unexpected personal reasons so we have an open senior seat for this semester. If you are a senior (by the class you came in with) and you would like to pursue a position, send us an email!


Committee work:

Student Life: working on freeing up one RD parking spot by Semple Hall since there are two parking spaces for one RD; working on developing a system for maintenance to notify students when they will be working in their room so that there won’t be so many unexpected visits from Facilities when rooms are in need of maintenance; working to provide the sororities with blinds or privacy curtains in their wings; working with the Student Life Office and Facilities in the renovation of the Cage in the upcoming year.

Communications: updating the Student Senate board right outside the Cage; informing the student body of the open senior senator position; advertising for the basketball games dubbed “Duck Dynasty Night”.

Kansas City & Liberty: brainstorming events to get students involved in the community.

Sustainability: working to create more popular coffee tumblers in the Perch; pursuing more ergonomic water fountains around campus (the ones that have the water bottle faucet).

Spirit: working on creating a convenient parking spot to be given to a student named “most spirited”; working to acquire a new “Flock” sign; Rallying students for “Duck Dynasty Night”.

Housing: electing a new chair; pursuing hot water issues in Semple Hall.