5 February 2013

Here’s what we did in tonight’s meeting…

We reported on a meeting Senate cabinet had with the Student Life Office. We will be working to find a way to make communication about residence hall maintenance better. Right now if you submit a work order it will be completed, but there is little notice of when it will happen. You could easily come back to your room after class and find workers in your room or they could accidentally wake you up if the work is done in the morning. This is already on Facilities’s radar and we’ll keep you updated with what happens.

We are looking to finish up our smoking policy changes and implement them fully come fall 2013. We will have a task force made up of smokers within the next two weeks. If you would like to have a say in the conversation, let us know and you are welcome to join us.

Tonight we granted a fund request from Edward Scott, President of the Black Student Association, to subsidize a lunch and reception for an event they are putting on bring Dr. Marc Lemont Hill to campus on February 17. There is a lecture open to all students and people from the community on 17 February at 6 pm.

Committee work:

Student Life: we’re planning to free up one of the RD parking spots by Semple for student use since there is only one RD in Semple. Look for that soon. We’re pursuing possibly turning the roof of the union behind the perch into an outdoor seating area – more on this to come later.

Communications: we have an open senior senator position. If you are a senior and you are interested, let us know!

KC & Liberty Community: we are working on having some Jewell bowling nights at RetroBowl sponsored by Student Senate. We would also like to partially subsidize some tickets to sporting/music events for students.

Sustainability: we are working on getting new refillable mugs for students to use in the Perch. We are also looking to reduce the number of receipts printed in the Perch and the Cage.

Spirit: there will be some sweet advertising outside the caf on Thursday for the Duck Dynasty game, you’ll surely see it.

Housing: Tyler White is our new housing committee chair. If you have any issues with housing, please don’t hesitate to contact him. Facilities knows about the hot water issues in Semple and they are working on them. We are also working on getting blinds in the sorority wings for privacy.