12 February 2013

Here’s what we did in our last meeting…

We are sad to announce that our current VP, Miss Caty Compton, will be unable to continue with us for the remainder of the semester. We will sorely miss her joyful attitude and sound judgement. Cabinet will confer and soon announce the new VP appointment.

Our campus safety office, student life office, and facilities are working in collaboration to help educate the campus on fire, tornado, and campus intruder protocols. The desire is to keep students safe and the best way to do that is to educate the student body.

We are working on a project idea to turn the roof outside the union into a coffee patio. This is just in its preliminary stage and there is no sure way to know how it will end up, but we would like to pursue it to see if we can pull it off. We think it would be a great addition to the union.

We are working to create a task force to get real and solid feedback on possible changes that will be occurring with the smoking policy. We’ll be eliciting this feedback electronically soon.

We are pleased to welcome Miss Taylor Poslosky as a new senior senator. We look forward to great work she will do to finish out her senior year!

KC & Liberty: working to create a bowling night for students sponsored by Senate. Working to subsidize sport and concert tickets.

Spirit: the duck dynasty night was successful. Working to promote the bookstore. Working to get a larger “Flock” sign for the student cheering section.

Sustainability: working with the art department to create new mug designs.

Student Life: the extra RD parking spot by Semple is now student parking. April 21 will be the Senate sponsored frisbee golf tournament.