Meeting: 23 April 2013

Here’s what we did in tonight’s meeting:

We heard a fund request introduced by Isaac Hamilton requesting $4,500 to resurface the tennis courts at Jewell. We discussed the request this week and we’ll vote in meeting next week.

Senate is working to create a streamlined process for organizational purchases over $500 and will communicate that to the student body to inform everyone the steps an organization must go through and how long each step will take.

We spoke to facilities about the new speed bumps on campus. It looks as though they are here to stay. They may be a bit of a nuisance but they are there for safety reasons. Facilities suggests taking them at 1-5 mph to avoid any sort of damage to your car.

Senate is working on making some logistical changes to the Senate for next year and voted to postpone class Senator elections until the fall. We’ll keep you updated, but know that Senators won’t be elected until late August or early September.

There is a CUAt the Movies on May 7 and we are working on getting some discounts at Sheridan’s Custard to pair with the movie that night – we’ll let you know.

There will be a 5k run this Saturday to benefit the people affected by the Boston Marathon bombing. It’s at 9 am and will start by Greene Stadium. It’s $5 to register and $10 for a benefit t-shirt.