Meeting: 24 September 2013

Happy Homecoming Week everyone! Here’s how our meeting this week went:

Student Senators were officially paired up with campus organizations – so if you are a part of an on campus student organization you should have a senator specifically representing the interests of that organization. One of our goals for this year is to better represent the student body, and we think this is a move in that direction.

We are still working to meet with the Library and Student Life to discuss the funding of the New York Times subscription for the campus. According to the survey that was sent out, 70% of students said they would read the NYT if it were brought back to campus. Also, 42% said they’d prefer to see the subscription provided digitally, and about 20% would rather see the KC Star on campus – so we will look into those options as well. 

Addressing Safety Issues: Safety on campus has been a topic of concern lately, and the Student Life committee is working on addressing that concern. For now, we are working to arrange a safety walk in the near future and looking to have the burnt out lights in the Schumaker parking lot replaced. 

Sustainability: The sustainability committee is working to bring convenient glass recycling to campus.

KC/Liberty: GO TO THE LIBERTY FALL FESTIVAL THIS WEEKEND! If you haven’t been it can be a lot of fun, and is only a short walk from campus (on the downtown Liberty Square).

Finally, Senate voted to allocate $500 to facilitate a “Pot Luck Tailgate Event.” The idea for the event came from a group of student leaders at Senate’s “Encampment Meeting” at the beginning of the school year. The plan is for the event to take place before the home football game on October 19th. The way this will likely work is that each student organization will be bring some sort of food item, and we will all meet up together and celebrate before going to support of Cardinal Football Team. Look for more info to come soon, but expect great food, games, music, and maybe even some free koozies for those that attend!

Have a great rest of your week, and enjoy the homecoming festivities!