Meeting Minutes 1/27/15

Minutes for January 27, 2015

Meeting Called to Order: 5:19pm

Invocation: Harry Schwartz

Cabinet Reports:

  • o Treasurer – Chelsea Price
    • o Budget is $2,900
  • o Secretary – Cameron VanDyke
    • o Remember to let me know if you cannot be here for meeting
  • o Vice-President – Logan Routh
    • o New York Times iPad App
    • o Academic Affairs and Student Life Committee
      • Logan and Ty attended this meeting last week
      • Presented alcohol policies and privacy amendment changes to the trustee comittee
  • o President – Harry Schwartz
    • o We are probably moving Cabinet and Senate elections to an earlier date this year so that the new cabinet and senate can run their own meeting as a trial before next year
    • o We are also looking to implementing a new encampment for a smoother Cabinet and Senate transition/turnover
    • o We have a funds request for Jewell Express that we will discuss next week
    • o We are going to try and promote ourselves more this semester via Twitter, Facebook, and the Senate website


New Business:

  • Senate Goals for 2nd Semester
    • We would like to see more work done externally (outside of meetings
      • Come into meetings feeling like we have accomplished something tangible each week
      • We want people to see and understand what we are doing
    • We will discuss this is more detail next week due to lack of attendance this week
  • WJC Photo
    • Policy is very likely not going to change
      • People working with this are not very willing to budge, so Senate will probably drop this as a task
      • Pictures are not going to be free anymore
        • If the main customer base (non-students) has to pay for photos, they feel as though students should have to pay as well
  • Committee Realignment
    • We feel as though the committees we had last semester (spirit, communication, student life, spirit) were not very effective
    • We would like to implement “task forces” instead, which are focused on specific projects rather than vague topics
      • Example: alcohol policy, privacy, IP Rights, outdoor student life
      • We would also like a committee that comes into meeting every week with new ideas
        • Bring in things they have heard/seen as desired around campus and are potentially new projects that we can take on
        • But, everyone is still responsible for listening to what the students want
    • We need to hold ourselves more accountable for making progress on these projects
    • We will be able to define these committees more next week when more people are in attendance and after we define our goals as senate for this semester
  • Meeting Times
    • Some Senate students have class on Tuesdays at 6:00pm
      • But, this is only a 7-week class
    • Do we want to keep meetings on Tuesdays? Do we want to move the meeting time?
    • Discussion about meeting times
      • Possibly move meeting time to 5:30 for these first weeks, and then return to 6:00 meeting time

Meeting adjourned: 5:38pm