Meeting Minutes 2/3/15

Minutes for February 3, 2014

Meeting Called to Order: 5:32pm

Invocation: Bryson Waibel

Cabinet Reports:

  • o Treasurer – Chelsea Price
    • o Budget is $2,900
  • o Secretary – Cameron VanDyke
    • o Remember to email or text me if you will not be at meeting. I expect a valid excuse if you will not be attending
  • o Vice-President – Logan Routh
    • o No report
  • o President – Harry Schwartz:
    • o No report


New Business:

  • Funds Request – Kirsten McCoy
    • Jewell Express
      • New service on campus
      • Purpose is to help out international students on campus with transportation (provide them with a way to get to convenience stores, etc.)
      • Set days – twice per month?
    • Currently unsure how much money is needed
      • $400-$450??
    • May eventually grow to be a service available for any student without a car on Jewell’s campus?
    • Senate Discussion:
      • $450 may be too excessive
        • We would be more willing to fund $100 and then have Kirsten report back to evaluate how the service has grown and how effective it is
      • Would/should this be a service that Student Life can take on rather than Student Senate?
      • The project is not quite fully developed yet…do we need it to have a more concrete basis before we agree to funding it?
    • Motion to vote on funding for $200 to start the program
      • Motion passes
      • We may be willing to give additional funding after seeing how well the program is accepted
  • Senate Goals for 2nd Semester
    • Current projects:
      • Privacy amendments (Grace Smith), IP Rights (Kate McFerren), alcohol policy (Stephen Priesig), outdoor student life (Yoav Yaacobi, Jeff Nickel)
        • Reports given about current state of each project
    • Brainstorming for new projects:
      • Haircuts on campus – local barber
        • Proposed by Stephen Priesig
    • General goals:
      • More tangible progress each week
  • Committee Realignment
    • We feel as though the committees we had last semester (spirit, communication, student life, spirit) were not very effective
    • We would like to implement “task forces” instead, which are focused on specific projects rather than vague topics
      • Projects listed above in Senate Goals for 2nd semester
  • To Complete for next week:
    • Contact someone who is affiliated with each project
    • Each senator should select a group he or she would like to work with for the remainder of the semester.

Meeting adjourned: 6:03pm