2/10/15 Minutes

Minutes for February 10, 2014

Meeting Called to Order: 5:31pm

Invocation: Ty Pecoraro

Cabinet Reports:

  • o Treasurer – Chelsea Price
    • o Budget is $2,900
  • o Secretary – Cameron VanDyke
    • o No report
  • o Vice-President – Logan Routh
    • o No report
  • o President – Harry Schwartz
    • o We would like to start doing more work with publicizing Senate again
      • Twitter, Facebook, giveaways, etc.

New Business:

  • Guest Speakers
    • Erin Melton (Nonprofit Leadership Association)
      • Skip-a-Meal
        • Sign up to give up one of your weekly meals (if you don’t have an unlimited meal plan)
          • This $6 can pay for two family meals
    • Dom Bisesi (IFC)
      • Alcohol Policy discussion
      • Alcohol issues were discussed at IFC Top 5 Leadership Event at the beginning of the school year
      • IFC is in full support of revising the current alcohol policies in place
        • In favor of making policies more reasonable and allowing some “leeway” for students that are of drinking age
        • Would like to place more emphasis on individual accountability, rather than placing blame on fraternity houses where an event occurred (for example) à right now Greek fraternity houses are held with a lot of liability issues
          • Potentially make Jewell’s alcohol policies more in line with the law (consistency)
      • Possibility of making the alcohol policy survey mandatory?
  • New York Times Report – Alex Bush
    • Alex has reached out to the following people to seek funding to cover the NYT subscription:
      • Stephanie DeClue (Library), Kevin Shaffstall (Pryor), Dr. Gina Lane (Communication Dept. Chair), Dr. Gardner (Education Dept. Chair), Dr. Armstrong (Political Sci/Core Curriculum), Whittaker and Schutte (Business/Econ), the Debate Coaches, and Andy Pratt
    • Alex will be meeting with Dr. Pratt tomorrow
    • It sounds like most academic department budgets are pretty small, so they might not be the best bet.
    • Our goal is for Senate to pay zero, but Alex thinks we could be fine paying up to approximately $500 if we have to
      • Can Student Life help at all?
    • Total cost for a year-long subscription will be $3000
  • Admissions Event
    • Admissions is hosting two “Jewell Scholar Day” events for potential incoming students on February 21st and March 7th from 12:00pm-1:30pm
    • Student Senate would like to have a table set up
      • We will need senators to help work the table
  • Senior Speaker
    • We will soon be doing nominations and voting for the Senior Speaker at graduation
    • Most likely this will be done through an email process

Committee Reports

  • o Privacy Amendments
    • o Meeting scheduled in two weeks
  • o IP Rights
    • o Emailed Jim Baxendale and he responded with some example IP Policies
      • They are very long and complicated
      • Kate is going to work with Grace (chair of privacy amendments) to try and incorporate these two committees in some ways
    • o Alcohol Policy
      • o Survey of twelve questions
      • o Looking for a committee of about five people to work on getting the survey launched
    • o Outdoor Student Life
      • o Developed a plan and in the process of gathering all information to carry out the plan
    • o Haircuts on campus?
      • o John the Barber was supposed to be here tonight to speak, but got held up with business
      • o Willing to do William Jewell Haircut Day on Wednesdays or Saturdays for $9 per haircut (with Student IDs)
      • o We may be able to work with him to sell William Jewell apparel or merchandise at his Barber Shop

Meeting adjourned: 5:49pm