Meeting Minutes 2/17/15

Minutes for February 17, 2014


Meeting Called to Order: 5:31pm

Invocation: Carter Quirk

Cabinet Reports:

  • o Treasurer – Chelsea Price
    • o Budget is $2,900
  • o Secretary – Cameron VanDyke
    • o No report
  • o Vice-President – Logan Routh
    • o No report
  • o President – Harry Schwartz:
    • o Cafeteria
      • There have been many complaints that the food is very inadequate and not meeting health standards
        • Athletes are unhappy about nutritional value and are looking into switching to a commuter plan or getting cafeteria standards changed
        • People have come to Senate asking if we can do something about it
        • Possibility to set up meetings with Keke and Taylor (and other Fresh Ideas employees) to discuss this issue
      • Is this something that we are interested in and something that we feel we can make improvements on?
        • Would someone like to start working on this?
          • o Kyle Gammon and Joe Gunn have volunteered to work on this
            • Logan will be overseeing this project


Old Business:

  • Admissions Event
    • Admissions is hosting two “Jewell Scholar Day” events for potential incoming students on February 21st and March 7th from 12:00pm-1:30pm
    • Student Senate would like to have a table set up
      • We will need senators to help work the table
  • Senior Speaker
    • We will soon be doing nominations and voting for the Senior Speaker at graduation
    • Most likely this will be done through an email process


New Business:

  • New York Times 2015-2016
    • o Update from Alex Bush
      • We have short-term sources of funding, but moving forward we will very likely need a more sustainable/permanent single source of funding


Committee Reports

  • o Privacy Amendments
    • o Logan and Grace met with Elise Fischer and Lan Gao to review amendment and go over recent changes
      • Offered insight as to how monitoring processes work
        • They view the entire network every day
          • o If they see something abnormal, they look into it a little bit
          • o If they notice a student is involved, they take it to Ernie Stufflebean and work on an action plan
          • o Grace would now like to meet with Ernie Stufflebean and discuss his role in this process, as well as when students must be notified that their network is being investigated
  • o IP Rights
    • o Found Rockhurst’s IP Policy
      • Form to fill out
        • What your project is, how much school aid used, etc.
        • Negotiate with someone at the school involved with IP rights
        • This policy is focused on a project-by-project basis
        • Jewell may start looking further into this to alter our policy
  • o Alcohol Policy
    • o No updates
  • o Outdoor Student Life
    • o We have a survey completed to send to all students
      • Asks what students would be interested in implementing for an outdoor community
    • o This will be sent out through email
  • o Jewell Barber Shop
    • o Stephen called Office Max when looking into advertising strategies
      • For $1.99/square foot, we can get a 3×5 sign to advertise for haircuts on campus
      • Funds request for approximately $30
        • Bryson Waibel: we may be able to get this same service through the WJC
        •  Mailroom
          • o Just need to get fonts and content approved
        • o Possibility to start this project next Wednesday


Meeting adjourned: 5:47pm