Meeting Minutes 2/24

Minutes for February 24, 2014

Meeting Called to Order: 5:32pm

Invocation: Harry Schwartz

Cabinet Reports:

  • o Treasurer – Chelsea Price
    • o We have about $2,600 left in our budget
      • We don’t have that much time left to spend this money, so we shouldn’t be afraid to find ways to spend it!
    • o Pryor Legacy Class may be asking for funds request
      • We will likely hear more about this next week
      • Pryor Legacy class has asked for money/funds requests in the past, and this is something that Senate does normally fund
  • o Secretary – Cameron VanDyke
    • o Attendance
      • These people should be concerned about their attendance record:
        • Max Bennett
        • Kyle Gammon
        • Alan Kline
        • Mikayla Roller
        • Brian Kongs
        • Jillian Bush
  • o Vice-President – Logan Routh
    • o Updates on cabinet elections
      • Coming up 2nd or 3rd week of April
      • Goal is to have a smooth turnover and have the new cabinet lead at least one meeting before the end of the year
    • o Senate retreat before the end of the year
  • o President – Harry Schwartz:
    • o Follow up on Vice-President’s report


Old Business:

  • Senior speaker
    • Email will be sent to all seniors requesting nominations
    • Student Senate will tally the ballots and sent out another ballot with the top five nominated seniors
  • New York Times table (Alex Bush)
    • We will have table next week with free stuff to give out, giving people incentive to sign up for NYT
    • Currently have $2,500 in the NYT fund
      • We have received another $1,500 from the library to go toward the NYT fund, so $2,500 is the total now
  • Haircuts on Campus
    • Updates: no opportunity for girls haircuts
    • Men’s haircuts would be priced at $9


Committee Reports

  • o Privacy Amendments
    • o Last meeting did not show a lot of progress
      • Faculty members had reasons for everything they did
    • o Next meeting will be with Ernie Stufflebean
      • Next step is to determine when they have the right to start an investigation
        • When is this boundary crossed and when must students be informed that they are being investigated?
      • o IP Rights
        • o Researching what other schools are doing regarding IP Rights
        • o Kate realized Landon Young is working on similar initiatives so will start working with him as a collaborative effort
        • o Looking for a bigger committee from Senate to work with her on IP Rights and meet with Landon as soon as possible
          • She sent out email about this opportunity.
  • o Alcohol Policy
    • o No progress since last meeting
  • o Outdoor Student Life
    • o Sent out an email survey asking for preferences and suggestions
      • People are especially excited about the idea of hammocks
      • Also like outdoor classroom/gazebo
      • Suggestions for garden and picnic tables
    • o Committee is working on logistics now that they have more information, so will report back with information about pricing, etc.
  • o Food Committee
    • o Looking to set up meeting with Keke and Taylor from Fresh Ideas

Meeting adjourned: 5:52pm