3/24/15 Meeting Minutes

Minutes for March 24th, 2014


Meeting Called to Order: 6:04pm

Invocation: Harry Schwartz

Cabinet Reports:

  • o Treasurer – Chelsea Price
    • o No report


  • o Secretary – Cameron VanDyke
    • o No report


  • o Vice-President – Logan Routh
    • o No report


  • o President – Harry Schwartz:
    • o No report


Old Business:

  • Haircuts on Campus
    • We have a sign to advertise
    • We can hang this up in the Union and set up a table to make people aware of this
    • Table can work in unison with NY Times table


Committee Reports


  • o Privacy Amendments
    • o Grace Smith is meeting with Sara Bailey later this week
    • o Talked with Elise Fischer about setting up an Online Citizenship course for students to take
      • Make people aware of our rights online, what we can do, what the school can do, etc.
    • o IP Rights
      • o Kate McFerren and Landon Young created a proposal
        • They will send this to Sara Bailey à just needs to be approved by the school and then we can evaluate what further action to take
      • o Alcohol Policy
        • o We have composed a survey
        • o Survey will be sent to Sara Bailey, who will get it approved
          • After approval, survey will be sent out to student body
        • o Outdoor Student Life
          • o Bryson Waibel emailed Stephanie Guest to get approval to put hammocks around campus
            • After she responds and we get this approved, we will be able to purchase hammocks and make them available for students to check out and use around campus
          • o There is still interest in the outdoor classroom
            • This project can be continued throughout the remainder of this year and the beginning of next year
          • o Food Committee
            • o Kyle Gammon is in communication with dining hall workers about setting up a table to get feedback from students about dining hall services and food options


Meeting adjourned: 6:20pm