Juniors 2014/15

IMG_0005Max Bennett ’16

Majors: Business, Marketing

Email: bennettm@william.jewell.edu

Co-Curricular Activities:

-Swim Team

Hobbies/Interests: Music, intramural sports, and cats

Goals for Student Senate This Year: Increase Student attendance at sporting events.




IMG_0016Kyle Gammon ’16

Majors/Minors: Communications, ACT-In Major; Business, Interactive Media Minor

Email: gammonk@william.jewell.edu

Co-Curricular Activities:

-Phi Gamma Delta
-Officer for Jewell Communication and Theater Society
-Co-President of GAMMA
-Member of Homecoming Committee 2014

Hobbies/Interest: Longs walks around the quad, stargazing for Astronomy, and napping in the PLC

Goals for Student Senate This Year: I would like for the student body to get more involved with Student Senate. I want the students to actually have some say in what happens at Jewell. I hope to accomplish this through surveys and going out and talking to students.



Issac Hamilton ’16

Majors: Business Administration, International Relations, Political Science, ACT-In

Email: hamiltoni@william.jewell.edu

Co-Curricular Activities:

-Men’s Tennis
-Phi Gamma Delta
-Student Athlete Advisory Committee
-Northwestern Mutual Intern

Hobbies/Interests: Soccer, golf, frolf, and ping-pong

Goals for Student Senate This Year: Raise awareness of Student Senate activities, and connect with the student population.



Yoav Yaacobi ’16IMG_0014

Major: Philosophy

Email: yaacobiy@william.jewell.edu

Co-Curricular Activities:

-Student Senate
-Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity

Hobbies/Interests: FIFA, soccer, reading

Goals for Student Senate This Year: To promote a climate where student interact more with Senate and take an active interest in school affairs.