Student Senate is excited to celebrate the successes of the student body! As a student body we achieve in the classroom, in the lab, on the field, on the stage, and in the dorms. Everywhere on the Hill. Student Senate is here to help ensure that you as a student have what you need to achieve. From the food in the caf, to the wifi in your dorm, to the tech in your classroom: Student Senate is here to make sure the system is working for you.

Current Projects:

Transgender Policy – Senate is working with Student Life to implement a Transgender Policy for the College in order to promote a welcoming campus environment.

Upperclassman Triangle Community Event — Student Senate is working with residential life and Hall Councils to hold a recreational event on the Upperclassman Triangle.

Sallee Send-Off and Transition Taskforce — Student Senate will host a student event to thank the Sallees for their time at Jewell. If you have stories, letters, or photos that you would like to be included in this event please send them to Ben Shinogle, Senators will also serve on the Transition Taskforce to introduce the new president to the student body.

Night of Nets — In collaboration with the Non-Profit Leadership Association, Student Senate is hosting Night of Nets on February 11th in the Mabee Center. Night of Nets uses a regularly scheduled basketball game to raise awareness and funds for the fight against malaria. Please join us for this event.

Diversity — Student Senate will be working closely with the Diversity Taskforce and the Black Student Association to address concerns raised in an open letter to the campus.

Celebrating Academic Achievement — Senate is planning activities and exhibits with the University Innovation Fellows during the week preceding Duke Colloquium that celebrate student achievement.

Other — Student Senate will also continue investigating printing policies, communicating with the student body, and collaborating with organizations to improve campus life.

2015-16 Accomplishments:

Charter of Student Rights & Responsibilities and Student Handbook Review – In conjunction with Student Life, Senate reviewed and revised both documents. These documents are reviewed by Student Senate every two years. The changes include lifting the ban on carrying tobacco and lifting the prohibition on endorsements of premarital sex in campus publications. Senate is also working on adding a Transgender Policy.

Apple TV’s – Apple TVs are now installed in residential spaces. This technology allows students to use their iPads with the dorm TVs. Student Senate, eHub, Hall Councils, and Greek Life collaborated on this project.

Excellent Campus Citizen Award – Student Senate seeks to recognize positive members of our community. First semester’s recipients were Dr. Lori Wetmore, Kiki Strecker, and Dr. Brendon Benz. Senate will continue this project during second semester. Learn more at

Student Senate Satisfaction Survey – Senate developed and distributed a survey to all students in order to better understand student opinion on campus issues. The results are being recorded and will help focus Senate initiatives.

Communication – Student Senate has effectively used social media as a medium to inform and engage the student body. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@JewellSenate) for #TechTipTuesday, #ThrowbackThursday, and updates on campus events.

Other – Senate hosted elections for the Alexander Doniphan and L.E. Kresse awards, nominated students to serve on the Honor Council and Diversity Taskforce, held two very successful tailgates for football games, and created the Jewell Bucket List. Learn more at

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If you have a concern, suggestion, or celebration, please contact Student Senate.