3/24/15 Meeting Minutes

Minutes for March 24th, 2014


Meeting Called to Order: 6:04pm

Invocation: Harry Schwartz

Cabinet Reports:

  • o Treasurer – Chelsea Price
    • o No report


  • o Secretary – Cameron VanDyke
    • o No report


  • o Vice-President – Logan Routh
    • o No report


  • o President – Harry Schwartz:
    • o No report


Old Business:

  • Haircuts on Campus
    • We have a sign to advertise
    • We can hang this up in the Union and set up a table to make people aware of this
    • Table can work in unison with NY Times table


Committee Reports


  • o Privacy Amendments
    • o Grace Smith is meeting with Sara Bailey later this week
    • o Talked with Elise Fischer about setting up an Online Citizenship course for students to take
      • Make people aware of our rights online, what we can do, what the school can do, etc.
    • o IP Rights
      • o Kate McFerren and Landon Young created a proposal
        • They will send this to Sara Bailey à just needs to be approved by the school and then we can evaluate what further action to take
      • o Alcohol Policy
        • o We have composed a survey
        • o Survey will be sent to Sara Bailey, who will get it approved
          • After approval, survey will be sent out to student body
        • o Outdoor Student Life
          • o Bryson Waibel emailed Stephanie Guest to get approval to put hammocks around campus
            • After she responds and we get this approved, we will be able to purchase hammocks and make them available for students to check out and use around campus
          • o There is still interest in the outdoor classroom
            • This project can be continued throughout the remainder of this year and the beginning of next year
          • o Food Committee
            • o Kyle Gammon is in communication with dining hall workers about setting up a table to get feedback from students about dining hall services and food options


Meeting adjourned: 6:20pm

3/3/15 Meeting Minutes

Minutes for March 3rd, 2014

Meeting Called to Order: 5:31pm

Invocation: Sara Bailey

Cabinet Reports:

  • o Treasurer – Chelsea Price
    • o We have about $2,600 left in our budget
  • o Secretary – Cameron VanDyke
    • o Attendance is still lacking
    • o Please let me know if you won’t be here, but please make your greatest effort to attend!
  • o Vice-President – Logan Routh
    • o No report
  • o President – Harry Schwartz
    • o No report


New Business:

  • Funds Request
    • Pryor Leadership Legacy Class of 2015 à Guest speaker: Emily Scott
      • Pryor Legacy Project: working with MOCSA to implement Stewards of Children training program about child sexual abuse in Independence school district
        • Creating a blueprint that MOCSA will be able to implement in other school districts in the future
      • Raising money for this project: Pryor class is having a 5K on March 28 at 9:00am
        • 5K will take place here in Liberty
      • Funds request is for $400 to be used for t-shirts to hand out at the 5K
        • This is an incentive for people to come to the 5K, participate, and donate
      • Senate discussion
        • Motion to vote on funding Pryor Legacy Class with $400 for t-shirts
          • Majority vote rules
          • Senate will fund the 2015 Pryor Legacy class with $400
      • Senate discussion à senators should participate in the 5K to support the Pryor Legacy class
        • Motion to vote on all senators participating in the 5K
          • This will contribute a total of $250 to the Pryor Legacy class
        • Majority vote rules
        • Senators will participate in 5K and donate $250 to Pryor Legacy class
  • Discussion
    • Every senator is to give a brief report of what he or she has contributed to senate this semester, and/or what they would like to see for senate for the remainder of the year

Old Business:

  • Funds Request
    • Jewell Express à Kirsten McCoy presented a funds request to Senate on February 3rd, 2015
      • What is Senate willing to do for this program?
      • We gave initial $200 in funding to this program
      • Student drivers?
  • New York Times table
    • How has this been going?
    • Most of the people who stop by have already signed up for the New York Times
    • Needs more advertisement


Committee Reports

  • o Privacy Amendments
    • o Grace Smith is still working on this process and has a meeting set up with Ernie Stufflebean
  • o IP Rights
    • o Kate McFerren and Ty Pecoraro have a meeting with Landon Young tomorrow
  • o Alcohol Policy
    • o Discussion of alcohol survey and policy abstract
      • We need to more specifically define what types of things we want to see changed in the alcohol policy
    • o Stephen Priesig: proposal of “21 and over” wristbands to be worn on the weekends, at parties, etc.
    • o Alcohol education process
      • If there is to be an amendment, we need to have a corresponding new system of education (ex: AlcoholEdu)
    • o Next steps: survey in the union regarding alcohol policies
      • We need to make sure the questions on the survey are directing us toward specific answers regarding what we change in the policy
    • o Outdoor Student Life
      • o Hammocks are becoming a reality!
        • Designated hammocking locations
      • o Our next step is to look more into pricing of hammocks
      • o Committee is going to set up a meeting with facilities
    • o Food Committee
      • o We need to publicize comment cards in the dining hall
      • o Can we make this digital?
      • o We could set up a table where people can leave comments, we can put something on the EllucianGo app, we can involve the PLC input boards, we can send out an email survey, etc.
      • o Joe Gunn and Kyle Gammon are going to speak to Keke and report back next week


Meeting adjourned: 6:07pm

Meeting Minutes 2/17/15

Minutes for February 17, 2014


Meeting Called to Order: 5:31pm

Invocation: Carter Quirk

Cabinet Reports:

  • o Treasurer – Chelsea Price
    • o Budget is $2,900
  • o Secretary – Cameron VanDyke
    • o No report
  • o Vice-President – Logan Routh
    • o No report
  • o President – Harry Schwartz:
    • o Cafeteria
      • There have been many complaints that the food is very inadequate and not meeting health standards
        • Athletes are unhappy about nutritional value and are looking into switching to a commuter plan or getting cafeteria standards changed
        • People have come to Senate asking if we can do something about it
        • Possibility to set up meetings with Keke and Taylor (and other Fresh Ideas employees) to discuss this issue
      • Is this something that we are interested in and something that we feel we can make improvements on?
        • Would someone like to start working on this?
          • o Kyle Gammon and Joe Gunn have volunteered to work on this
            • Logan will be overseeing this project


Old Business:

  • Admissions Event
    • Admissions is hosting two “Jewell Scholar Day” events for potential incoming students on February 21st and March 7th from 12:00pm-1:30pm
    • Student Senate would like to have a table set up
      • We will need senators to help work the table
  • Senior Speaker
    • We will soon be doing nominations and voting for the Senior Speaker at graduation
    • Most likely this will be done through an email process


New Business:

  • New York Times 2015-2016
    • o Update from Alex Bush
      • We have short-term sources of funding, but moving forward we will very likely need a more sustainable/permanent single source of funding


Committee Reports

  • o Privacy Amendments
    • o Logan and Grace met with Elise Fischer and Lan Gao to review amendment and go over recent changes
      • Offered insight as to how monitoring processes work
        • They view the entire network every day
          • o If they see something abnormal, they look into it a little bit
          • o If they notice a student is involved, they take it to Ernie Stufflebean and work on an action plan
          • o Grace would now like to meet with Ernie Stufflebean and discuss his role in this process, as well as when students must be notified that their network is being investigated
  • o IP Rights
    • o Found Rockhurst’s IP Policy
      • Form to fill out
        • What your project is, how much school aid used, etc.
        • Negotiate with someone at the school involved with IP rights
        • This policy is focused on a project-by-project basis
        • Jewell may start looking further into this to alter our policy
  • o Alcohol Policy
    • o No updates
  • o Outdoor Student Life
    • o We have a survey completed to send to all students
      • Asks what students would be interested in implementing for an outdoor community
    • o This will be sent out through email
  • o Jewell Barber Shop
    • o Stephen called Office Max when looking into advertising strategies
      • For $1.99/square foot, we can get a 3×5 sign to advertise for haircuts on campus
      • Funds request for approximately $30
        • Bryson Waibel: we may be able to get this same service through the WJC
        •  Mailroom
          • o Just need to get fonts and content approved
        • o Possibility to start this project next Wednesday


Meeting adjourned: 5:47pm

2/10/15 Minutes

Minutes for February 10, 2014

Meeting Called to Order: 5:31pm

Invocation: Ty Pecoraro

Cabinet Reports:

  • o Treasurer – Chelsea Price
    • o Budget is $2,900
  • o Secretary – Cameron VanDyke
    • o No report
  • o Vice-President – Logan Routh
    • o No report
  • o President – Harry Schwartz
    • o We would like to start doing more work with publicizing Senate again
      • Twitter, Facebook, giveaways, etc.

New Business:

  • Guest Speakers
    • Erin Melton (Nonprofit Leadership Association)
      • Skip-a-Meal
        • Sign up to give up one of your weekly meals (if you don’t have an unlimited meal plan)
          • This $6 can pay for two family meals
    • Dom Bisesi (IFC)
      • Alcohol Policy discussion
      • Alcohol issues were discussed at IFC Top 5 Leadership Event at the beginning of the school year
      • IFC is in full support of revising the current alcohol policies in place
        • In favor of making policies more reasonable and allowing some “leeway” for students that are of drinking age
        • Would like to place more emphasis on individual accountability, rather than placing blame on fraternity houses where an event occurred (for example) à right now Greek fraternity houses are held with a lot of liability issues
          • Potentially make Jewell’s alcohol policies more in line with the law (consistency)
      • Possibility of making the alcohol policy survey mandatory?
  • New York Times Report – Alex Bush
    • Alex has reached out to the following people to seek funding to cover the NYT subscription:
      • Stephanie DeClue (Library), Kevin Shaffstall (Pryor), Dr. Gina Lane (Communication Dept. Chair), Dr. Gardner (Education Dept. Chair), Dr. Armstrong (Political Sci/Core Curriculum), Whittaker and Schutte (Business/Econ), the Debate Coaches, and Andy Pratt
    • Alex will be meeting with Dr. Pratt tomorrow
    • It sounds like most academic department budgets are pretty small, so they might not be the best bet.
    • Our goal is for Senate to pay zero, but Alex thinks we could be fine paying up to approximately $500 if we have to
      • Can Student Life help at all?
    • Total cost for a year-long subscription will be $3000
  • Admissions Event
    • Admissions is hosting two “Jewell Scholar Day” events for potential incoming students on February 21st and March 7th from 12:00pm-1:30pm
    • Student Senate would like to have a table set up
      • We will need senators to help work the table
  • Senior Speaker
    • We will soon be doing nominations and voting for the Senior Speaker at graduation
    • Most likely this will be done through an email process

Committee Reports

  • o Privacy Amendments
    • o Meeting scheduled in two weeks
  • o IP Rights
    • o Emailed Jim Baxendale and he responded with some example IP Policies
      • They are very long and complicated
      • Kate is going to work with Grace (chair of privacy amendments) to try and incorporate these two committees in some ways
    • o Alcohol Policy
      • o Survey of twelve questions
      • o Looking for a committee of about five people to work on getting the survey launched
    • o Outdoor Student Life
      • o Developed a plan and in the process of gathering all information to carry out the plan
    • o Haircuts on campus?
      • o John the Barber was supposed to be here tonight to speak, but got held up with business
      • o Willing to do William Jewell Haircut Day on Wednesdays or Saturdays for $9 per haircut (with Student IDs)
      • o We may be able to work with him to sell William Jewell apparel or merchandise at his Barber Shop

Meeting adjourned: 5:49pm

Meeting Minutes 2/3/15

Minutes for February 3, 2014

Meeting Called to Order: 5:32pm

Invocation: Bryson Waibel

Cabinet Reports:

  • o Treasurer – Chelsea Price
    • o Budget is $2,900
  • o Secretary – Cameron VanDyke
    • o Remember to email or text me if you will not be at meeting. I expect a valid excuse if you will not be attending
  • o Vice-President – Logan Routh
    • o No report
  • o President – Harry Schwartz:
    • o No report


New Business:

  • Funds Request – Kirsten McCoy
    • Jewell Express
      • New service on campus
      • Purpose is to help out international students on campus with transportation (provide them with a way to get to convenience stores, etc.)
      • Set days – twice per month?
    • Currently unsure how much money is needed
      • $400-$450??
    • May eventually grow to be a service available for any student without a car on Jewell’s campus?
    • Senate Discussion:
      • $450 may be too excessive
        • We would be more willing to fund $100 and then have Kirsten report back to evaluate how the service has grown and how effective it is
      • Would/should this be a service that Student Life can take on rather than Student Senate?
      • The project is not quite fully developed yet…do we need it to have a more concrete basis before we agree to funding it?
    • Motion to vote on funding for $200 to start the program
      • Motion passes
      • We may be willing to give additional funding after seeing how well the program is accepted
  • Senate Goals for 2nd Semester
    • Current projects:
      • Privacy amendments (Grace Smith), IP Rights (Kate McFerren), alcohol policy (Stephen Priesig), outdoor student life (Yoav Yaacobi, Jeff Nickel)
        • Reports given about current state of each project
    • Brainstorming for new projects:
      • Haircuts on campus – local barber
        • Proposed by Stephen Priesig
    • General goals:
      • More tangible progress each week
  • Committee Realignment
    • We feel as though the committees we had last semester (spirit, communication, student life, spirit) were not very effective
    • We would like to implement “task forces” instead, which are focused on specific projects rather than vague topics
      • Projects listed above in Senate Goals for 2nd semester
  • To Complete for next week:
    • Contact someone who is affiliated with each project
    • Each senator should select a group he or she would like to work with for the remainder of the semester.

Meeting adjourned: 6:03pm

Meeting Minutes 1/27/15

Minutes for January 27, 2015

Meeting Called to Order: 5:19pm

Invocation: Harry Schwartz

Cabinet Reports:

  • o Treasurer – Chelsea Price
    • o Budget is $2,900
  • o Secretary – Cameron VanDyke
    • o Remember to let me know if you cannot be here for meeting
  • o Vice-President – Logan Routh
    • o New York Times iPad App
    • o Academic Affairs and Student Life Committee
      • Logan and Ty attended this meeting last week
      • Presented alcohol policies and privacy amendment changes to the trustee comittee
  • o President – Harry Schwartz
    • o We are probably moving Cabinet and Senate elections to an earlier date this year so that the new cabinet and senate can run their own meeting as a trial before next year
    • o We are also looking to implementing a new encampment for a smoother Cabinet and Senate transition/turnover
    • o We have a funds request for Jewell Express that we will discuss next week
    • o We are going to try and promote ourselves more this semester via Twitter, Facebook, and the Senate website


New Business:

  • Senate Goals for 2nd Semester
    • We would like to see more work done externally (outside of meetings
      • Come into meetings feeling like we have accomplished something tangible each week
      • We want people to see and understand what we are doing
    • We will discuss this is more detail next week due to lack of attendance this week
  • WJC Photo
    • Policy is very likely not going to change
      • People working with this are not very willing to budge, so Senate will probably drop this as a task
      • Pictures are not going to be free anymore
        • If the main customer base (non-students) has to pay for photos, they feel as though students should have to pay as well
  • Committee Realignment
    • We feel as though the committees we had last semester (spirit, communication, student life, spirit) were not very effective
    • We would like to implement “task forces” instead, which are focused on specific projects rather than vague topics
      • Example: alcohol policy, privacy, IP Rights, outdoor student life
      • We would also like a committee that comes into meeting every week with new ideas
        • Bring in things they have heard/seen as desired around campus and are potentially new projects that we can take on
        • But, everyone is still responsible for listening to what the students want
    • We need to hold ourselves more accountable for making progress on these projects
    • We will be able to define these committees more next week when more people are in attendance and after we define our goals as senate for this semester
  • Meeting Times
    • Some Senate students have class on Tuesdays at 6:00pm
      • But, this is only a 7-week class
    • Do we want to keep meetings on Tuesdays? Do we want to move the meeting time?
    • Discussion about meeting times
      • Possibly move meeting time to 5:30 for these first weeks, and then return to 6:00 meeting time

Meeting adjourned: 5:38pm

24 March 2014 Update

Hello Everyone!

We apologize that it has been awhile since our last update, but much work has been done since then! Here’s a quick run down of just a few key updates:

– Chelsea Taff has filled in the roll of Vice President as Maigan has unfortunately transferred on to Rockhurst University

– Hannah Swan, Shane Giannetti, and Ariel Neal have all joined as members of Senate to fill in some empty seats for the Spring Semester

– The Sustainability Committee has successfully brought glass recycling to campus! A purple Ripple Glass container can now be found in the Mabee Center parking lot

– Funds have been allotted to the following organizations: SAGE to help facilitate the upcoming Drag Show, Residence Life Association to help purchase prizes for their upcoming Amazing Race event, and to the Cardinal Steppers to purchase stepping boots for the team.

– Senate is working closely with the Basic Needs 5K run, which will be on campus April 13th (more info to come!).

– Senate is also working with the developers of Ligo, an awesome app that will be launching on campus April 3rd

As before, we are also still in progress in our plans for Senate’s future and on our work with administration to help clarify some elements of the Honor Code.

We hope everyone had a great Spring Break, and we look forward to finishing out the year strong!

Meeting: 22 October 2013

Thanks to everyone that came out to the tailgate last weekend! It went well and plenty of free food was handed out all around. So thank you to everyone who contributed in any way.

Moving on to recent senate business:

The New York Times is coming back! But this time it will be accompanied by the KC Star, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Economist, Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Wired, and National Geographic – just to name a few… By the end of November the PLC will be stocked with a subscription to numerous popular news sources and magazines so that students can be more informed of the what’s going on outside of the “Jewell Bubble.”

We recently went on a night time safety walk around campus with Chad Martie, the director of Campus Safety. With his help, the school is now aware that many of the street lights around campus need to be fixed and that a blue security pole/phone needs to be installed for the sidewalk that runs between the President’s house and Grand River Chapel.

Moving forward, we are continuing our quest for more accessible glass recycling on campus and posting live feeds of the scores of our Cardinal athletic events on some of the TVs in the PLC and the Cage – among numerous other endeavors.

Always remember to let us know how we can help you, it’s why we’re here and it’s what we love to do. Have a great week everyone!

P.S. Scroll down on this page to see a list of student discounts available to you around Liberty and Kansas City!

Meeting: 24 September 2013

Happy Homecoming Week everyone! Here’s how our meeting this week went:

Student Senators were officially paired up with campus organizations – so if you are a part of an on campus student organization you should have a senator specifically representing the interests of that organization. One of our goals for this year is to better represent the student body, and we think this is a move in that direction.

We are still working to meet with the Library and Student Life to discuss the funding of the New York Times subscription for the campus. According to the survey that was sent out, 70% of students said they would read the NYT if it were brought back to campus. Also, 42% said they’d prefer to see the subscription provided digitally, and about 20% would rather see the KC Star on campus – so we will look into those options as well. 

Addressing Safety Issues: Safety on campus has been a topic of concern lately, and the Student Life committee is working on addressing that concern. For now, we are working to arrange a safety walk in the near future and looking to have the burnt out lights in the Schumaker parking lot replaced. 

Sustainability: The sustainability committee is working to bring convenient glass recycling to campus.

KC/Liberty: GO TO THE LIBERTY FALL FESTIVAL THIS WEEKEND! If you haven’t been it can be a lot of fun, and is only a short walk from campus (on the downtown Liberty Square).

Finally, Senate voted to allocate $500 to facilitate a “Pot Luck Tailgate Event.” The idea for the event came from a group of student leaders at Senate’s “Encampment Meeting” at the beginning of the school year. The plan is for the event to take place before the home football game on October 19th. The way this will likely work is that each student organization will be bring some sort of food item, and we will all meet up together and celebrate before going to support of Cardinal Football Team. Look for more info to come soon, but expect great food, games, music, and maybe even some free koozies for those that attend!

Have a great rest of your week, and enjoy the homecoming festivities! 

Meeting: 17 September 2013

Hello everyone! Here’s how our meeting tonight went:

We decided to change Senate’s meeting time back to 5:30pm on Tuesday evenings.

An update on the NY Times subscription – after seeking funding from the Student Life office we will continue our efforts by bringing the issue to the Library for financial support in order to bring the NY Times back to campus. 

Some updates have been made to the Funds Request form; the updated document can be found under the “Documents/Forms” tab on the Student Senate website. This revised document should promote more responsible use of Senate’s funds and will address some concerns that were brought about at the end of last year. 

The three event ideas that were proposed by the student leaders of our campus at the Encampment meeting in August were presented to Senate today; these are: (1) a skit night in Gano for all campus organizations, (2) a potluck style tailgate party at a future football game, and (3) a bowling night for Jewell students. Next week Senate will vote on which idea we will fund and help to facilitate. 


Committee chairs for the year were announced tonight, each committee will be chaired by the senator(s) indicated below:

Student Life (Chelsea Taff & Clay Shaffstall): first order of business is to pursue various safety updates around campus; these projects include the following: a sidewalk up from the Sahara to the upperclassmen triangle, fixing various burnt our street lights (including those in the parking lot of the Sorority Complex, and a blue emergency pole on the walkway by Grand River Chapel. 

Kansas City & Liberty Community (Tyler Stevens): will be looking into promoting upcoming Liberty events and spreading the word about the various student discounts available around town. 

Sustainability (Megan Wilson): looking into establishing better means of glass recycling on campus

Spirit (Brennan Canuteson): better publicizing of campus athletics schedule

Housing (Will Bergman): initial projects of interest include getting those cool water fountains that we have in PLC with the water bottle filler installed in each dorm, getting paper towel dispensers in the dorms that do not already have them, and looking into laying a side walk to connect Fraternity Circle and the baseball stadium parking lot to the rest of campus.

Communications (Spencer Allen): here to communicate with you and advertise for your events – will be seeking more effective lines of communication this year.

We are excited to finally get our work started for year and are looking forward to supporting you this year!