Advice to the Campus

from the recipients of the Student Senate Excellent Campus Citizen Award


December – Dr. Brendan Benz

Dr. Benz, Assistant Professor of Religion, has quickly made a name for himself at Jewell. Dr. Benz is well known for his unique, seminar style lectures and the compelling narrative he forms within them. Students cite his significant investment in their learning, evidenced by page-long notes on assignments, his willingness to spend office hours liberally, and his active interest in students’ general welfare. Many students pledge his classes fundamentally change the way they look at life and their understanding of other people. As a dedicated professor and supremely authentic individual, Dr. Benz has truly proven himself as an Excellent Campus Citizen.

“To my mind, one of the great benefits of being part of a community of higher learning is not simply gaining knowledge, but pursuing wisdom.  Consequently, it is critical to remember that wisdom is predicated upon a listening heart, and a listening heart functions only in the context of authentic relationships.  May the pursuit of such relationships be at the heart of our time together.”

November – Kiki Streker
Since joining William Jewell just three years ago, Kiki has quickly endeared the campus with her energetic demeanor  and unflinching positivity. A notorious hard worker, Kiki can be seen on campus nearly all hours of the day—often splitting her full time commitments in dining services by orchestrating innumerable campus events all at a moments notice. While there is far more to say, perhaps the best way to honor our beloved Kiki in this holiday week is by offering your “mom away from home” her requisite hug and extra note of thanks.

“My words of advice are:  Be yourself, embrace life, go the extra mile to take care of others.”


October – Dr. Lori Wetmore

Dr. Wetmore contributes to the Jewell community in a litany of ways. In an academic capacity, she enriches learning through her energized, student-focused approach to teaching chemistry. In her CTI capstone class, students are required to critically analyze the challenges of equitable urban development. Dr. Wetmore is also a driving force in many service programs, among them the Urban Impact Partners providing reading assistance to in-need elementary school students. In addition, she leads the Village Partners Project. Her dedication here takes her to Honduras where she challenges herself and her students to inspire positive and sustainable change in less privileged communities. In all of these capacities and many more, Dr. Wetmore holds students to pursue excellence in academia grounded in a sense of service to the larger community. By all accounts, Dr. Wetmore is truly an Excellent Campus Citizen and a valued member of our Jewell Community. 

“I have recently been reminded of 3 components for living my life of faith:  

1.  Embrace my mission 

2.  Release my fears

3.  Discover my courage

As a Christian, God initiates and empowers all three of these components each day in me.”