Student Senate Election Forms & Timeline

March 27 – April 6 noon – Cabinet Campaigning


Campaigning is only allowed once a petition for a cabinet is submitted and approved, petitions can be submitted at the latest April 6 at noon. All running cabinets are invited to partake in the debates on April 6 at 4:15 – Location TBD.

April 6 – April 10 – Cabinet Elections

April 11 – 17:  Campaigning for Senators

April 17 – 21 Senate Elections

Cabinet Petition and Information Form

Senate Petition and Information Form

For Students Abroad

Students studying abroad wishing to run for Senate can collect endorsements through an online survey. This is only available for students abroad. You are required to collect 15 endorsements. The link will be posted after cabinet elections to collect the endorsements.

Please contact Luce-Virlynn Apollon, with any questions.