The Jewell Bucket List


The William Jewell College Senators of 2015-2016 have come up with a Jewell Bucket List that we wanted to share with our fellow students. This is a list that we developed throughout the beginning of the semester based on what we believe represents the shared little things involved with the Jewell Experience that everyone has throughout their time at Jewell. We feel that this list may give some good insight to first years trying to find their path still as well as give an opportunity for seniors to figure out what things on the list they still want to check off before their time is up.

The Jewell Bucket List

  • Walk around the quad.
  • Survive a Tucker course.
  • Find a room you have never been before.
  • Take Responsible Self
  • Randomly get fast food at 2 am
  • Pull an all-nighter—or several
  • Gain five pounds from the caf
  • Lose five pounds (see above)
  • CUAt the movies!
  • Get a picture with Santa at Lighting of the Quad
  • Disagree with your professor
  • Participate in an intramural
  • Play sardines
  • Get a bad grade
  • Visit the President’s house
  • Walk ON the grass—we dare you
  • Join an extracurricular activity
  • Go on a date
  • Survive finals week
  • Feel smug about your private liberal arts education
  • Spend all of your cardinal dollars two months before the end of the semester.
  • Steal caf trays and sled down Browning Bowl
  • Get on a first name basis with Kiki.
  • Procrastinate on a project until the day before it’s due
  • Go to the Harriman Jewell concerts
  • Volunteer for the Jewell Day of Service
  • Go to a Jewell sporting event
  • Make new friends
  • Talk to your professor outside of class
  • Get outside your comfort zone
  • Go to the CUA formals
  • Join more clubs than you have time for
  • Go through Recruitment or Rush (even if it’s just for the free food)
  • Play frisbee on the quad
  • Take all your laundry home when visiting parents
  • Play sand volleyball
  • Attend Duke Colloquium
  • Change or add a major
  • Fall asleep in the PLC
  • Have a class change your life
  • Go to a Greek event
  • Visit the horse skeleton
  • Use your Journey Grant
  • Go to a professor’s house
  • Open your mailbox
  • Forget to check your email for three weeks
  • Run through the fountain (fully clothed please).
  • Cry…
  • Refuse to call the dining hall anything but “caf”
  • Somehow manage to get lost on Jewell’s campus
  • Attend a jazz concert on Trotter
  • Eat a Cardinal Sandwich
  • Have fun at homecoming!
  • Despise the Sahara steps
  • Attend opening convocation
  • Final walk around the quad
  • Graduate.
  • Visit campus as an alum.
  • Feel nostalgia for Jewell.

This bucket list has been brought to you be Jewell Student Senate. We would love to hear your feedback on our list. If there are any items that you as a student would like to add to our list then you can reach out to us in a few ways.

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