William Jewell College is always encouraging the students to be innovative and seek new ideas. The campus is changing constantly, but it is the traditions at Jewell that allow students to feel a sense of pride and community.


imageEvery college has a homecoming, but Jewell’s is special because it encourages competitiveness and community at the same time. The person you picked up trash with at Serve and Celebrate might be the same person who is racing you down the slip n’ slide at the Mabee Games.
Homecoming involves competition between each Greek unit, the Independents, and the underdogs (First Years). The students compete for participation points at Serve and Celebrate: the community service event put on by the chaplain. They use their athletic ability to show off at Mabee Games and find their inner imageBeyoncé at Campus Sing. Everyone comes together for a special night of dancing and prizes before resting their voices for the pep rally on Friday. All this time, they are also competing for the Spirit Stick, which shows their personality and Jewell spirit.
On game day, everyone forgets the competition and focuses their energy on cheering on the football team. Students form a tunnel on the field as the Cardinals run out to grab their victory. During half time, the winning organization is announced and the Homecoming King and Queen are crowned.


While everyone hates the numerous hills they have to climb to get to class in the morning, you will not hear anyone complaining when it comes to sledding in the winter.  As soon as enough snow falls, the cafeteria staff puts out the old trays and students take a thrilling trip down Browning Bowl.


IMG_1123Every new student at Jewell gets the opportunity to be involved in a ceremony at the start of each new academic year. During orientation, new students participate in small groups activities with their upperclassman mentor. At the end they get to walk around the Quad to symbolize the start of their Jewell Journey.
Students will do this once more on graduation day. It is a great tradition that they get to make a full circle around the quad from the beginning to the end. It brings back memories of their times here at Jewell and their appreciation for the opportunity to learn and make great friends in the process.


IMG_1120There is no prettier time at Jewell than Christmas! Everyone puts on their sweaters and scarvesand heads to the Gano Chapel where hymns are sung and snow falls from the ceiling. Alumnus return, as does everyone’s favorite Christmas guest, Santa Claus. Each building is lit with Christmas lights as people converse on the Quad and drink hot chocolate.